Here are two tales:

1. For about a year (seven years ago before I was a full time freelance illustrator), I was assistant manager in a shoe shop in the Office chain. I worked a 40 hour week, and I was paid monthly. In that time my pay was never late, never short, never ‘misplaced.’ I got my pay…

15.05.14/14:48/ 12
07.04.14/12:34/ 11
05.03.14/17:51/ 1006
02.03.14/14:12/ 492
10.02.14/19:29/ 36973
31.01.14/23:36/ 22
31.01.14/19:14/ 75
Aaron Fitzwater
Awesome artist, Awesomer friend, 
21.01.14/17:46/ 11
17.12.13/12:15/ 28
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.
05.12.13/16:54/ 3276
29.11.13/19:38/ 627371


Double moth and caterpillar.

This is not something I normally do, but the episode of Justice League Unlimited where Wonder Woman gets transformed into a pig is one of the weirdest things I have ever seen. Especially considering the fact that I didn’t realize until half-way through the episode that it was Wonder Woman and not just some normal pig that they were after.
13.11.13/14:05/ 2
Canvas  by  andbamnan